1949 The company comes from the ideas and the willpower of two auto electricians. The capability to create innovative products revealed itself immediately, and this feature will allow the company to develop in years to come. Actually, thanks to the design and production of the precursors of modern relays, called RLC (remote light change) and RLR/R (relay with delay), it will be possible to replace the mechanical cable used till then so switch lights from lower-beam to high beam, with more precise and functional electrical control.
1955 The first UNI column switch on the steering wheel was created. This was the basis for the column switch that is seen now on all vehicles.
1960 The new road transport regulations become effective: it defines, with retroactive effect, the rear lighting features of all moving vehicles. The company, again in advance of the time, developed a lamp for truck with the required features, achieving such a great success on the market that the production reached 1200 pieces per day.
1963 With the coming in production of complete kits for agricultural and industrial trailers, of truck dashboard and of the first products especially designed for agricultural machines, the company strategy takes shape. This strategy is focused on four markets: industrial trucks and trailers, agricultural machines, earth moving machines and lift trucks.
1974 After years of tumultuous growth it was necessery to have a corporate and control structure suitable for the new dimensions and the future programs. The company became a Corporation, with the entrence of a new shareholders and new management.
1976 The first company integration agreement was agreed upon with MT (Reggio Emilia). This branch will be specialised in design and production of seats, steering wheels and complete steering columns. In this way began a program that will allow the Group to get the dimensions, the commercial and the technical structures, the production and logistic capabilities to compete on the world market, through the creation and integration of companies with competence tuned with the corporate Core Business.
1980 COBO SUD Opens- Design / Pfroduction of harnesses
1981 DUE EMME Opens - Tooling production
1985 ELTEC Opens - Design / Production of electronical devices
1990 Opening of the US manufacturing and distribution facility 
1991 UNIDECK Aquired - Design / Production of instruments
1996 IMEAR Aquired - Design / Production of electrical / electronical components and hanesses for military vehicles
1997 CIAM Opened - Production of harnesses
2000 Corporate integration agreement with CIAM (Reggio Emilia), specialised in design, realisation of the electrical diagra, lay out study, component choice and production of "COMPLETE SYSTEMS" for earth moving machines
2001 PUGLIA CABLAGGI (Brindisi) - Production of harnesses

3B6 Australasia Opened in Melbourne

2002 COBO INTERNATIONAL (IA-USA) - Branch with an organisation for design, production and distribution of the products made by the group on the north American market

B.C. (Reggio Emilia) - Moduling of plastic components and steering wheels

2004 META (Reggio Emilia) - Design and production of metal steering columns
2005 Sales office in China

COBO International East Europe (Romania) - Assembly

2006 3B6 Aquired - Safety and global control systems for earth moving lifting
2009 3B6 Australasia changed names to Cobo Oceania and expanded to cover the full Cobo and Menbers range. Moved office to Brisbane.