Electronic Components

Cobo Oceania’s Electronic Components are utilised as parts of our Complete Systems, however are also available for use with your own projects or a spare parts.

Electronic Components comprise of the following: Man Machine Interfaces, Electronic control units and Sensors.

Whether it’s for repair, replacement or retrofit of a machine or for the OEM industry Cobo Electrical Accessories are suitable and recommended for all off-highway trucks.


  • COBO- Full catalog with the entire range of Displays and Instrument Clusters. All displays are fully programmable using VT3 software development tool, COBO proprietary IDE, that combines intuitive...
  • TERA 7 Flex is a monitor with a 7” (WVGA 800x480) display with LED technology and 32 bit ARM™ processor.
    It could be installed both horizontally and vertically depending on the customer...

  • TERA 7 LE is a 7” (WVGA 800x480) monitor with display with LED technology and 32 bit, 532 Mhz ARM™ processor. It can be installed both horizontally and vertically depending on the customer needs. It...
  • TERA12 HE is the high end display solution for off- highway market. It runs with the latest Freescale IMX6TM processor, that joins strong multimedia capabilities and graphics management.

  • CANVIEW4 is a general purpose programmable 4.3” size display, usable for any mobile machine applications. Compact and very modern looking, it is anyway designed under the hardest industrial...

  • Compact 3inch touch screen display.
    Ideal as instrument cluster for special vehicle, or as a compact display control panel for any different kind application

  • 3.5" inches display and control unit
    8 outputs
    12 inputs
    2 CAN BUS lines
    4 keys with back-light
    1 internal buzzer

  • TERA-6 Display

  • Touch-screen display.

  • Display unit - b/w or colour.


Electronic units