Cobo Oceania’s Complete Systems of on-board monitoring and protection are tailored solutions for off-highway trucks.

Our Complete Systems comprise of a man-machine interface that provides information that monitors, measures and controls the use of the application it is fitted to. Complete Systems fitted to off-highway trucks eliminates all doubt when it comes to monitoring the load being carried and application of the machine to ensure safety standards are met. 


  • LMI Solution for your Excavator. Easy Simple Safe. In Conformity with all International Safety Standards
  • This wireless depth and grade control for excavators is the ultimate tool for small earthmoving operations and the rental industry as it can operate on up to 5 machines.

  • The COBO system is a state of the art Height LIMITER specifically designed for Excavators, Front Loaders & Tele handlers.
  • This 2D digging system integrates with the I.View Weighing system for an all in one solution.

  • This dynamic weighing solution allows operators to ensure trucks are loaded to maximum efficiency. The system allows for multiple loads and operators to be recorded as